Free your mind

Religion was created as a means for answering questions about things the human race couldn’t understand. They didn’t understand that the earth spun, creating night and day…so they created a deity for it. They didn’t understand how diseases spread so they created a plague brought upon by sins. But when technology started advancing things began to change. Gods didn’t create day and night, earths rotation did. Godly plagues were no longer brought upon by sin but by bacteria spreading and poor hygiene. 2+2 didn’t equal 4 because it was gods will, 2+2=4 because of science. That hometown soldier didn’t die in war because he happened to be gay and it’s gods will to smite homosexuals…he died because of another mans bullet through his chest. When science finds a solution, god begins to fade. Wake up, religion preaches peace, but asks for war. Open your eyes, it’s not gods will…it’s YOURS. Listen closely, religion has NEVER tolerated new radical ideas, nor will it ever. That is the only reason it is still around, parents teach their children not to look for the multiple answers, paths and choices…but to see and believe in one deity, one answer. Life is given to you to view through YOUR eyes…not “His”. Free your mind.